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At Charged, we believe that kids are the future. Having the freedom to express themselves both on and off the pitch is invaluable and with the help of our expert coaches, we create a safe and nurturing environment that encourages flare, skill and confidence!

We believe that fun and excitement provide the backbone to a life-long love of sport and our Goal Celebrations, Top-Bin Challenges and Charged Music Playlist make sure that they are at the core of everything we do.

Our specialist Charged Team consist of exclusively National Premier League or International Athletes and have a wealth of experience at the very top of the game to ensure that the stars of the day are there to mentor the stars of tomorrow.

From beginners to performance athletes.

From 7 years of age to 17.

From our single day Camps to our Super-Charged 3-Day events.



Charged Hockey Camps are ready to #ChargeYourGame to the next level.

Are you?

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Don’t just take our word for it; hear from Charged Hockey Players and Parents!

I really enjoyed the camp on Wednesday and thought it was one of the best I’ve been on! I thought the intensity was really good all day and the quite strong focus on goalscoring/ shooting really benefitted me.

Our daughter had a great day and said; “It was amazing – I don’t think it could be better and the teachers were all very nice!”  So top marks from us!!!

My boys only had positive feedback about Wednesday’s camp.  They both thoroughly enjoyed it and were inspired by all the coaches.

In fact, one specifically mentioned a South African player  – I’m really sorry I don’t know names! – who had spoken to him and over this weekend, quite out of the blue, said he wanted to play more hockey at weekends… So thank you again, both boys are looking forward to the start of the new hockey season.

I really enjoyed it! At other camps, you have to be really on it but at Charged you had music on, it was fun and the coaches were great!


Meet the Team

Check out our #ChargedHockey Team and see just who you could be learning from at our next camp!

Nick Bandurak is a forward for Holcombe HC in the National Premier League and the founder of Charged Hockey. Having represented England at every age group, Nick is the club’s leading goalscorer in Premier League and European competition and 2x All-Star; finishing the past two seasons as the league’s second top goalscorer.
Harry Trusler is an explosive midfielder for Holcombe HC in the National Premier League. 
With a wealth of experience at the top of the domestic game, Harry has played in the top league in England for multiple years, the England Hockey Playoffs at Lee Valley and the European Hockey League. Harry is the first player to score a hat-trick in European competition for Holcombe after he netted 3 times in the club’s debut outing in 2016.
Sarah Jones is a dynamic and skilful attacking player for Wales and Great Britain. Having played at 2 Commonwealth Games, Sarah is part of the Great Britain Centralised Programme currently training for Tokyo 2020 and won the Euro Club Trophy with her club, Holcombe HC, in 2018.
Rich Curtis is the GoalKeeper for the South Africa Mens’ National Team. Rich has represented his country at Junior and Senior World Cups, most recently, the 2018 Indoor World Cup in Belgium. 
Rich will be offering expert GK advice throughout all of our Charged Hockey Camps!
Nikki Lloyd is an exciting and dynamic midfielder for Wimbledon HC and Scotland. With a wealth of experience at both international and domestic level, Nikki brings her expertise and great sense of humour to Charged Hockey Camps!
Louis is a dynamic defender and French International with experience at International, domestic and EHL level from multiple countries. As one of the best defenders in the Premier League, Louis offers a wealth of experience of different styles and skillsets making him an invaluable member of the Charged Team!
Matt Symonds is an exciting midfielder from New Zealand. Having played multiple times in both hemispheres, Matt provides a unique outlook on the skills required to make it to the very top of the game. Whilst his dancing may be questionable, his coaching and expertise is most definitely not!
Anton Parente is a dynamic and versatile Midfielder for Spain. Anton’s experience throughout his career representing his country offers a unique perspective on how International hockey is played and he will be providing specialist coaching throughout our Charged Hockey Camps!

Charged Hockey on the Road

Do you want Charged Hockey to come to your club or school?

At Charged, we have a host of opportunities available to clubs and schools of all sizes.


Charged Hockey Camps provide the opportunity for detailed camp outlines, coaching documents for the host club/school, CPD opportunities, Marketing materials and Camp prizes through our sponsors JDH.

Why not get in touch to discuss some of the proposals available and see how Charged Hockey can bring all of our top bin challenges, music playlist and goal celebrations to your club or school?

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